1st YEAR

Resources and links for the first year animation students.


Let’s start with some basic technical stuff. This first resource is a very well presented series of definitions and explanations of all the technologies involved in bringing classic animation to the screen.
The author had been in UK animation for more than 40 years until he retired, and he knows what he is talking about. In spades….



Jeff Goldner’s comprehensive guide to animation production with an emphasis on post production. A must read –



To follow that, here is Jeff Goldner’s Animation Glossary, from “acquisition” to “z-axis”.



Whichever it is, you can’t make a film without a script, and you can’t start studying the art of story writing early enough.
Here’s a crop of links that covers every aspect of writing for the screen:-

Robin Kelly’s excellent and comprehensive Writing For performance, and his blog.
The Internet Script Database allows you to download hundreds of screenplays, from Absolute Power to Zulu Dawn. Free!
There’s a free (USA) downloadable book about screenwriting, called “From Fade In through Fade Out“.
Wordplay, with 60 essays on the art of writing for the screen.
And the highly useful BBC Writers Room, where some of the content is aimed at writers of short films.

Almost last, don’t forget the wonderful screenwriting and pre-production program called Celtx, which is a completely free download.
And finally, if you need a way of quickly counting the number of words in an essay, just copy them and paste them into this neat little word counter.



Here are some useful pages of thumbnail images that show ideas for composing pictures.
They were drawn by the American painter Edward Payne back in 1941, and they are still used by art directors today to generate quick layout ideas.
Click the thumbnails to enlarge them, please

thumbnail of Composition thumbnails 1

thumbnail of Composition thumbnails 2

thumbnail of Composition thumbnails 3

thumbnail of Composition thumbnails 4


4 responses to “1st YEAR

  1. Thank’s for the links on screen writing, I had to do something simalar to this on my project for foundation and I’ve been meaning to give it another go. Cheers.

  2. Good stuff Hirsh mistro!

  3. Thanks, I’m glad you appreciate it, Alec!

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