Hello Ravensbourne! Are you ready to rock?

Welcome to this Ravensbourne Animation Hub!

In the next week or so, I will put up links to all the 3rd year B.A. Hons final year film production blogs, so that you can access them all easily in one place.

The theme in use on this blog is called “Cutline”, and it’s designed by Chris Pearson. It displays a header image at the top of the front page that can be changed as often as the user likes. I’ve already put together a small series of header pictures that can be swapped around, just for starters, and if you’d like to see stills from your own films up there, why not send one in?

All you have to do is compose your image at 770 by 140 pixels, in jpeg, gif or png format, and mail it in to me at: hirsh (dot) michael (at) googlemail (dot) com, and I’ll stick it up on the header, pronto.

One difference that you will notice on this WordPress site is that content can be shown on static pages (just like a regular website), as well as in the normal blog journal style. These pages are marked along the top: Front Page, About, 1st Year, 2nd Year, etc., There will be a few more tabs along the top just under the header as we roll along.

Feel free to comment on anything you see. You will have to register the first time, but that is no more than an anti-spam measure designed to keep the pesky people out of the comment boxes. Please use your Rave e-mail addresses.

I hope that this site will be fun and enjoyable, so please send in your comments on how it might serve you better.

This site is powered by WordPress, the most advanced open source blogging software, and WordPress.com is the free blog hosting company that has over one and three quarter million bloggers hosted on their servers. Wow.


2 responses to “Hello Ravensbourne! Are you ready to rock?

  1. Hi, this is an example of a comment. Please feel free to add your own comments, just log in and you will have the option to write what you want.

  2. mike , hi its Luisa here!

    I want to let you know that i have a new Blog URL as the name has changed…. the name of the film now is ” The Light Within” and the new URL is http://lightofus.blogspot.com/
    Hope you will update it!

    Luisa van Erven

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