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ComparePSD – Free Windows Download from PixelNovel

Screengrab of two PSD files
If you’re working with several saved versions of a Photoshop PSD file, this is a mighty useful tool for examining and comparing your PSD files, layer by layer, to make sure that you open the correct version. And you don’t have to open Photoshop to do so! Better still: It’s free!
Here’s the link.


Video Game Desktop Wallpapers

Eating too many mushrooms, perhaps.

Eating too many mushrooms, perhaps.

Mikaƫl Aguirre, known as *Orioto on Deviant Art has reinterpreted some well known video game images and made them into desktop wallpapers.
Kid Icarus

Kid Icarus

Download links:
Link 1, and for some really old skool game desktops, Link 2

A5 Storyboard Panels to Download

To help you in your storyboarding, I’ve created a couple of handy PDF downloads of storyboard panels.
Each A4 sheet must be cut in half to give two A5 panels, so that you can compose your boards with maximum flexibility.
The frames are in 2 aspect ratios. 4:3 and 16:9 The picture below is in 4:3 ratio.
4:3 link
16:9 link

3 Storyboard Frames

4:3 Storyboard Frames