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News of website updates and other announcements.

Festivus Facelift

The (British) animation forum and employment agency, Festivus, have updated their website to reflect changes in the organisation.
The expanded job board and information section is now called AnimationBase, while the social and networking activities remains under the Festivus name.

banner on the animationbase site

The link for AnimationBase is here, and the Festivus Facebook group is here.

It’s easy to register, and the Festivus gatherings (normally in central London) are very useful for networking and getting to know the people and the gossip in the animation business. Take loads of business cards with you!


Animator’s Pay Packets On The Up

Recent surveys of animator’s salaries in the U.S. show healthy recent rises, despite the gloom of recession.

… Latest salary information figures as published by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics indicate that the salary for animators in the country today is between $50,000 and $100,000. In reality, there are a few professions today that are offering such a huge average salary.

The salary data statistics also reveal that the average salary today stands at $56,330. While the starting wages are $31,570, those offered to the most senior people often exceed $100,000 a year. The salary chart also discloses the growing trend of many animators working on a freelance contract basis. In fact, some of the most experienced and highly skilled workers are now opting to go on freelance contracts, rather than working on a full-time contract.

Read the whole Webwire article here, and here’s a link to

Get better and get earning!

All the best,


A Few Changes

I’ve been doing a bit of housekeeping and you might notice that a few things have been moved around.

  • The “About” page has gone. – It took up too much space and communicated very little.
  • There’s a new “Archive” page that gives you month by month access to older blog posts, as well as a means of browsing for topics by tags..
  • The list of past students has moved from the sidebar (See “Alumni” comment below).
  • There’s a new page called “Alumni“, that gives you access to 3rd year students blogs of years gone by. Learn from their triumphs and their mistakes! (At least the ones that they admit to.) :¬D
  • Disney’s Releases For Next 4 Years

    One more reason to visit Animation World Network aside from their archive of 2,586 articles on animation, is to sign up for their weekly newsletters and stay up to date with events in the larger animation industry. Here’s a small part of their latest e-mail newsletter that outlines Disney’s planned animation feature film releases… Continue reading

    Animation Bridge Masterclasses

    SW Screen, Skillset and Aardman have organised 3 animation masterclasses: – ‘Visual Structure’ with Bruce Block on the 10th of May in London, ‘Visual Language and Story Structure’ with Frank Gladstone on the 17th of May in Bristol, and ‘Comedy Intensive Course’ led by Steve Kaplan on the 31st May in Bournemouth.

    Read the full announcement on the Festivus website

    New Wall-E Trailer

    The interesting thing about these trailers for Pixar’s forthcoming release, Wall-E, is not so much what is shown in the beautifully composed shots, as what is NOT being shown: The humans.

    We’ll have to wait for the humans. Until we see them, we are being taught by teaser to love an (inanimate) animated robot as if he were a human.
    Jim Hill has a few words on the subject…

    Festivus Networking Event – Central London, 5th March

    Billed as “suitable for the discerning alcoholic animator”, this irregular networking evening will take place at the usual venue: First floor, The Comedy (The pub not the club!), 7 Oxendon Street, London SW1Y 4EE
    On the 5th of March, from 6.30 onwards. See you there!

    Here’s the link to their website, and the link to their FaceBook group.

    Festivus started out as an animator led meetup, and over the last seventeen get-togethers has evolved into an animation employment website. People expect you to hand them your business card, so sharpen your crayons and get to work!