Mind Mapping & Idea Generating Software

Mind mapping software won’t actually start breeding ideas for your essays on its own, but it will certainly help you to organise and structure your thoughts, and many other useful things besides.

thumbnail of FreeMind Free Mindmapping software
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FreeMind is very highly thought of, because of its ease of use, and its ability to deal with many types of information input. Give it a go! It’s Free!

Here’s the FreeMind wiki, and there’s a good explanatory video to download here. Here’s the all important download link. Because it’s written in Java, it will run on Apple, Linux and Windows. (Check that download link for details).

Ideal essay writing tool.

Ideal essay writing tool.

If you prefer to share your mind maps with a group online, have a look at the web based MindMeister.

Get brainstorming!


AWN TV Puff Piece for The Princess & The Frog

John Lasseter, Andreas Deja, Bruce Smith and others discuss the resilience of 2D hand drawn animation in Disney’s forthcoming release, The Princess & The Frog.

An ecstatic  Disney 2D animator.

An ecstatic Disney 2D animator.

Here’s a link to what AWN TV calls a “featurette” on its website.

The Beatles Rock Band Game Cinematic

Passion Pictures has released a fine looking cinematic for Beatles Rock Band game on their website.

The 4 moptops dancing on the Liverpool skyline

The 4 moptops dancing on the Liverpool skyline

Client: Harmonix/MTV and Apple Corps
Writer/Director: Pete Candeland
The full cast is displayed in an overlay next to the clip, here.

25,000 Visitors

And still counting....

And still counting....

Some time last night, the twenty five thousandth visitor dropped by.

Ken Robinson says schools kill creativity

Do schools discourage creativity?

This man thinks that schools discourage creativity...

It’s worth taking 19 minutes 24 seconds out of your busy lives and watching this video from TED (Technology, Entertainment, Design) in which educationalist Ken Robinson argues that in the future, your future, creativity is going to be more important than academic attainment in education. He’s funny, too.
Here’s the link to his talk. Please take a moment to post your reactions to his ideas in the comment box, too.

Concept Art From Pixar’s “Up”

Concept art panel for "Up" by Lou Romano
Only a couple of days after its release, Lou Romano has posted nearly 60 visual development paintings and models from Pixar’s latest release: “Up”.
Here’s the link to the blog post, and here’s his IMDB profile.
In the header image (top of this page) you can see part of a colour script of 120 storyboard mood panels from the film. Link to big image.

Brush Up Your Typing Skillls

Make your fingers more productive.

Make your fingers more productive.

If you feel that your typing skills need a bit of practice (and I know mine are absolute crop), have a look at this highly commended typing tutor called: “TypingWeb”. If you register with TypingWeb, the site will record and measure your improvement each visit. Here’s the link.
Ready? fff jjj fff jjj fff ffj jjf ffj etc., etc…