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Live Action Reference for Facial Expressions

Amelie and that bloke off the telly

Amelie and that bloke off the telly

Audrey Tautou (Amelie) and Mackenzie Crook (Gareth Keenan)

Sometimes it helps to have a variety of facial expressions to study when you’re looking for that “just right” pose. There’s a website (of course!) called Leave Me The White that contains thousands of sequential stills from feature films and television series, which might help if you don’t get overwhelmed by the sheer number of pictures. There’s also a really useful interactive facial muscle emulator at Artnatomy

Jane Horrocks as Bubbles in Ab Fab

Jane Horrocks as Bubbles in Ab Fab

The wonderfully elastic face Jane Horrocks, looking a bit gobsmacked in Absolutely Fabulous
Interestingly, she is now the voice of Fairy Mary in Tinker Bell


Animation Weekly Newsletter

This is a comprehensive text format overview of the world animation scene that’s published once a week and read by thousands of subscribers.
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You’ll find the newsletter at Animation World Network’s site : http//www.awn.com. There is a sister publication for people working in the VFX industry, called VFX Newswire. Both publications edited by Dan Sarto.

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Scroll down the 1st Year’s page, and you’ll find a valuable linkfest for budding screen writers. Yes this does include you!