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MaPZone – A Free and Powerful Procedural Renderer

thumbnail of MAPZone example Stone Steps
(Please click this image to enlarge it)

Head over to the MaPZone website to discover what’s special about this texturing tool.

Link to MaPZone site
Link to Wikipedia article about Procedural generation.


Header Image # 014 – Free Textures

This header image is a slice from a picture chosen at random from The Morgue File, which is a repository of free images at medium to high resolution. I found this in the Texture section that contains nearly 800 downloadable images. Here’s the link

Mayang’s Free Textures


A free download website featuring 3,400 textures in high resolution. There is a huge variety of architectural imagery, and much of it is derived from European, rather than US buildings.

Please note: There’s a download limit of 20 textures a day, so as to prevent overloading the server.

Here’s the link.