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ComparePSD – Free Windows Download from PixelNovel

Screengrab of two PSD files
If you’re working with several saved versions of a Photoshop PSD file, this is a mighty useful tool for examining and comparing your PSD files, layer by layer, to make sure that you open the correct version. And you don’t have to open Photoshop to do so! Better still: It’s free!
Here’s the link.


MaPZone – A Free and Powerful Procedural Renderer

thumbnail of MAPZone example Stone Steps
(Please click this image to enlarge it)

Head over to the MaPZone website to discover what’s special about this texturing tool.

Link to MaPZone site
Link to Wikipedia article about Procedural generation.

Mind Mapping & Idea Generating Software

Mind mapping software won’t actually start breeding ideas for your essays on its own, but it will certainly help you to organise and structure your thoughts, and many other useful things besides.

thumbnail of FreeMind Free Mindmapping software
(Please click this image to enlarge it)

FreeMind is very highly thought of, because of its ease of use, and its ability to deal with many types of information input. Give it a go! It’s Free!

Here’s the FreeMind wiki, and there’s a good explanatory video to download here. Here’s the all important download link. Because it’s written in Java, it will run on Apple, Linux and Windows. (Check that download link for details).

Ideal essay writing tool.

Ideal essay writing tool.

If you prefer to share your mind maps with a group online, have a look at the web based MindMeister.

Get brainstorming!

Some Google Special Search Tools

You’ve used all your Google-fu techniques on the main search page, and you still can’t find what you want…. It’s time to click the “more” link and dive into some of Google’s specialist search engines. There are some useful Google productivity tools at the end of this post, too.

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